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For a good time, call.

We're Here When You're Away
Starting at just $30/night!

No need to fret over leaving your pups when you're going away!  We know what to do to keep them safe and happy.  Overnight visitors enjoy spacious and comfy accomodations, a minimum of four potty walks, filtered water, playtime and/or walks outside.  We offer plenty of add on services if you're really feeling guilty!


Request a reservation

You can't put a price on happiness!

One dog                        $35.00

Two dogs - same room      $50.00

Three dogs - same room    $60.00

Here's what you get: besides lots of TLC...

            Minimum 4 potty breaks, early and late

          Filtered water

          One 15 minute play session or walk outside

          Comfy bedding

          Medications administered

          Flexible drop off and pick up times

Let us know if you'd like to receive pictures of your fur babies!

We also offer our full array of grooming services while in our care so it's ok if they get dirty!

IMportant stuff

We are a boutique pet hotel, not a super tough maximum security facility - which means we are not set up to contain pups who are destructive or houdini types.  There are plenty of facilities out there that can handle that.

We believe in natural, holistic pet care which means that we do not require vaccinations.  We are not opposed to vaccinations altogether, but they have been shown to be toxic, counterproductive, and damaging to the health of animals.  If this concerns you, it shouldn't.  If you feel that vaccinations protect your pet then if yours are vaccinated, you should have no worries.  We do not accept sick animals or ones that are very recently recovered from contagious illness.  In our care, pups will not be interacting with others except their roommates.  If you have questions, please call.

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