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Dog Potty Walks

We are now offering quickie potty walks for a very economical price.  If you are very local (within 2 miles) and live in either an apartment community listed below or a nearby neighborhood, we can let your pups out for a daily potty break starting at just $5/day.   If you think a quickie visit would suit your needs or you have questions, get in touch.

1-2 visits per week   $7/visit

3-4 visits per week   $6/visit

5-7 visits per week   $5/visit

Potty Walks are charged weekly on Sundays at the end of the week.  You will need either cash or check left at last visit of the week or a credit card on file.  There is a required initial home visit to pick up a key, meet the pets on their own turf, and see the layout of the home.  The charge for this is $10 and will be scheduled at your convenience.

Need a nail trim?  No problem.

Nail trim $6     Nail trim and dremel  $10


Need a longer walk?

We offer those, too.  Longer walks are excellent for both exercise and stimulation.  Dogs require both or they suffer the consequences, just like us.  Longer walks can be divided between pets if there are multiple dogs who enjoy walking solo (alone time) or who may be more challenging to walk.  Please let us know the number in your pack, the sizes, and their walkability.  Older dogs who may not be able to walk much also benefit greatly from just outdoor time.  Let us know your special needs.

20 minute walk   $12

30 minute walk   $18

45 minute walk   $25   

60 minute walk   $33

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