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Canine Massage

by Judy Carlin, Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Sundays 1-3pm by appointment

As this is a new offering, we are able to schedule other times by request.

Dogs generally set the time for their session as some of them will only tolerate shorter sessions in the beginning.  That may or may not be the case with your dog, but we generally suggest starting out with a 20 minute session and building up to longer ones if beneficial.

20 minute session   $25

30 minute session   $35

40 minute session   $45

Save money with our packages!

Save 10% when you buy a 3 session package   

20 minute sessions   $67.50 

30 minute sessions   $94.50   

40 minute sessions   $121.50

Save 20% when you buy a 5 session package

20 minute sessions   $100.00

30 minute sessions   $140.00

40 minute sessions   $180.00

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